Controlling home climate, ranked pretty low on "desired electronic gadgets" in spite of  the cost-saving benefits.

Thanks to the vision of former Apple executive and iPod hardware designer Tony Fadell, the humble programmable thermostat is suddenly one of the coolest and most in-demand gadgets around.

And it all started because Fadell thought traditional programmable thermostats simply was out dated technology for the home owner.

The Nest will learn your schedule and preferences in approximately one week — and start automatically adjusting the climate control to conserve energy while you are away from home.

The bottom line for homeowners is that it will ultimately save users up to 30 percent on energy bills. At that rate, the Nest could very easily pay for itself within a year or two and making climate control more energy efficient.

Call for a price quote to have a Nest Learning Thermostat installed in your Orlando Florida home or office. 407-647-3785

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