Save energy…
and save money.

Did you know up to 40% of a home’s conditioned air escapes through the attic? If your heating and cooling energy costs are going through the roof, there’s an easy solution: Adding attic insulation and sealing air leaks can help cut heating and cooling energy bills by up to 20%.









Adding attic insulation:

The most effective thing you can  an do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Do it for your roof… for your budget… and for your planet. Adding Owens Corning™
Blown-In Insulation to your attic can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over half a ton each year.
PINK is truly green.


All this from the brand you know and trust.

Owens Corning has been a recognized leader in the building materials industry for over 65 years and has a long history of advancing the building sciences. Each and every day, our people redefi ne what is possible, delivering high-quality products and services to homes around the globe. We’re making our world a more energy-effi cient… more beautiful… and more comfortable place for you to be.

You’ve probably already met the Owens Corning mascot, The Pink Panther.

Our building products and famous PINK Insulation have been used in millions of homes.



Climate Design is your Owens Corning Authorized PINK Insulation dealer.  Call today for your installation: 407-647-3785

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