Only One of It's Kind!

  • True Proportional Fan Control
    – Reduces the need for bypass dampers
  • Hybred Style Design
  • Built in Staging Capacity
  • No Field Set up
  • Auto Configuration for All Systems
  • Fault Free Programming
  • Supply Air Sensor Included
  • IAQ Function Relay
  • One Zone Mode
  • Optional OAS

A Communicating Heating and Cooling Zone Control System.

It’s a one of a kind Zone Control System that provides an intelligent control of your heating and air conditioning system, with a maximum of three zones. It is 100% plug and play when connected to a communicating HVAC system and network thermostats. It includes features such as proportional operation, automatic equipment recognition, dual fuel functions and precise control of supply air target & limit set-points. EWC Controls® raises the bar and sets new standards for residential and light commercial HVAC air zoning.

Control any communicating HVAC system based on the ClimateTalk™ open protocol or any 24volt 2 heat / 1 cool gas/electric system or 2 heat / 1 cool conventional or dual fuel heat pump. ClimateTalk™ is a common information model developed for the exchange of information between disparate systems and devices.

In addition to the LCD, a total of 5 colored LEDs provide indication of the HVAC system status and mode of operation. It comes pre-loaded with default operating parameters for zoned HVAC systems. The default program settings free the technician from programming but also allow fine tuning of the system to optimize performance and personal preference. The EWC Ultra Talk 3000 ( UT-3000 ) operates in proportional mode at all times. Multi-stage and modulating equipment will be operated in a manner that minimizes blower speed, maximizes temperature control and improves system efficiency.





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