Help eliminate hot and cold spots – if you use window air conditioning units or even a ducted HVAC system, you could end up with places that your system just can’t reach, leaving you with the occasional hot or cold spots that can make your home’s temperature feel uneven. Well, with the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump, these problems are drastically reduced! The Mr. Slim heat pump mounts high on the wall and blows warm or cool air to all four corners of the room, evenly heating or cooling it to keep you perfectly comfortable no matter where you are in your home.

Barely noticeable – unlike your ducted air registers (or worse, huge clunky window AC units), the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pumps are designed to blend into the background of your home – most of the time you’ll forget they’re even there. The indoor units of the Mitsubishi mount high up on the wall, out of normal line of sight. Best of all, the units are quieter than a whisper!

Incredibly easy to install – because there is no ductwork involved, Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump installation takes just a few hours and is minimally invasive. Instead of the sometimes heavy demolition work involved in installing a typical ducted system, this Mitsubishi heat pump requires just a three inch hole in the wall that you won’t even be able to see. As an added bonus, no ducts mean less possibility of contamination of your system with allergens and environmental pollution!

Ultimate comfort technology – conventional air conditioners use thermostats to keep the temperature under control. This leads to cycles where your air conditioning and heating unit is either fully on or fully off – with no in between. The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump system uses patented, advanced Inverter technology which runs the fan at a low level to constantly circulate the air through your rooms. At the same time, the indoor and outdoor units of your Mitsubishi heat pump communicate with each other to keep the temperature constant and fully comfortable at all times, eliminating temperature swings based on weather changes and sun movements. And changing the temperature couldn’t be easier – just grab the remote and adjust it up and down!

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