Lots of air conditioning companies make claims about helping their customer go Green because lots of homeowner’s care about the environment and want to make informed decisions about installing a new AC system in their home.  An environmentally conscience consumer wants an AC system that doesn’t waste energy and doesn’t pollute the environment.  They truly want to make the Green choice.
When making those choices, consider the other choices your air conditioning contractor might be making.  Climate Design recycles all of the old equipment that they remove from their customer’s homes.  Your old AC unit is not ending up in the local landfill.  In fact, we recycle on the average over 10,000 pounds of just metal products alone over the course of only year.  Cumulatively we have recycled over 210,000 pounds of metal products since 1990.
In addition to recycling the metal from old air conditioners, we recycle the cardboard boxes that your new air conditioner comes packaged in.  Again, that is untold amounts of cardboard not going into the local landfill and untold amounts of trees that are not being cut down.
Climate Design has by its own environmentally conscience choice recycled every mercury bulb thermostat that we’ve replaced since 1989.  That is mercury not being disposed of in the earth to further contaminate our water supply and food chain. When batteries go bad, whether in your thermostat or in one of our tools, those batteries are not just tossed in the trash.  Again, Climate Design recycles.
We are not just air conditioning contractors, we are your neighbors. We are Central Floridians that care about the environment and make deliberate Green choices ourselves.  We don’t make these choices because someone or some government body is forcing us to; we make them because it is the right thing to do.

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