When the time comes to replace your home’s air conditioning system, one of the best steps that you can take is to work with the skilled team of HVAC contractors at Climate Design for personal assistance. The fact is that installing the right air conditioning system in your home is imperative for a number of reasons, and our team at Climate Design can help you to find the right system for your home.

The Size of Air Conditioning Units

There are a wide range of air conditioning unit sizes available for you to choose from, and the sizes of these units is often indicated with a BTU rating. A smaller BTU rating is intended to be used to efficiently cool a smaller space, and a larger BTU rating is a more cost-effective cooling method for larger spaces. Other factors, however, should also be considered when selecting the right size of air conditioning units. For example, the level of insulation in the home, the age of the home and other factors may result in the need for a larger or smaller cooling system. There are a wide range of BTU ratings available to choose from, and a skilled HVAC contractor can help you to make the right decision.

Why the Size of the Unit Matters

Selecting a custom-fit air conditioner that is specifically suited for the needs of your home is imperative for several key reasons. When a system is too small for the space or does not adequately meet the needs of the property, it may not be able to keep the space cool. In some cases, a smaller system may keep the space cool, but it may run far more frequently than necessary. This can result in increased energy costs for the homeowner. The same holds true if a system that is too large for a space is installed. More energy than necessary may be used to cool the space. In addition to inflating cost, a system that runs more than necessary may result in a greater need for repairs or a deceased life span.

The Importance of Professional Assistance

It is possible for homeowners to locate a BTU chart online and to estimate the size of the system that is best for their needs on their own. However, because square footage of the home is not the only factor that should be considered when selecting a custom-fit air conditioning system, it is important to seek professional assistance. Through Climate Design, you can receive personal assistance with the selection and installation of a system that is right for your home and your budget.
If you need to replace your air conditioning system, contact us today to schedule an appointment to receive personal assistance from our skilled team.

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