Zoning recommendations
  • Most homes need a minimum of two zones, the living areas and the sleeping areas.
  • Additional zones for the kitchen, family room, and entertainment areas will add additional comfort and energy savings.
  • Two story homes- downstairs and upstairs (heat rises so upstairs is usually hotter).
  • Any room that is a “part time” room such as basement, utility room, guest room, etc.
  • Individual bedrooms where family members require different comfort levels (such as baby’s room or grandma’s room).
Zoning your home is actually quite simple and makes perfect sense.


In a home that is not zoned, one thermostat is installed on the middle level and this one thermostat turns on your heating and cooling system for the entire home based on the temperature of the middle level alone. In a home with an Ultra-Zone system, a thermostat is installed on each level of the home. If any one of these thermostats calls for heating or cooling, the Ultra-Zone system opens a damper for that particular level and directs all of the heated or cooled air to that level alone.
Thermostats which control the air flow to each level of your home gives you real comfort throughout your entire home. Ultra-Zone eliminates the problem of cold basements and over heated upper levels.
Call for a price quote to have a EWC Zone control system installed in your Orlando Florida home or office. 407-647-3785


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